Worship at Good Shepherd, Rector Search UpdaTe

  • The vestry has decided not to pursue the five candidates who applied for our half-time rector position and to suspend our search for a rector for a brief period.
  • This difficult decision was made after holding a financial mini-retreat with Canon Andrew Walter from the Diocese.
  • The vestry will hold a vestry retreat on June 15 and will focus on initiating a new search based on the evolution in expectations for both clergy and congregations.
  • Two of our vestry who are also former Senior Wardens (Liz and Shaun) led the Lenten discussion on the book “Part Time is Plenty” which was so timely considering our status and I encourage everyone to read it to better understand what we face.
  • For now and in our immediate future we will be dedicating all our efforts to helping Linda and the Worship Committee provide the very best in our worship services with current supply clergy, guest clergy from the Diocese, lay sermons, listening opportunities and uplifting communion. We welcome any and all input from you our beloved congregation as we continue to go forward together.

To pray and actually mean “thy kingdom come,” we must also be able to say, “my kingdoms go.” When we agree to live simply, we have time for spiritual and corporal works of mercy, prayer, service, and justice work and we are free to love. Richard Rohr

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