Vestry Nominations

I was so grateful as we closed the vestry meeting last night, and I woke up feeling joyful and hopeful this morning. I could feel God’s presence in the whole process. 

We are dealing with a lot of challenges—not having a rector (yet), building maintenance issues, increased administrative expenses due to Lynn Hutcheson’s departure, and an overall deficit budget—yet the trust we have built is extraordinary. We were able to ask challenging questions and explore potential solutions in a loving and honest way, showing great flexibility and creativity. I am also very grateful for support from the Bishop’s office. The Rev. Dr. Anne-Marie Jeffery, Canon for Congregational Vitality was with us—and she told us that she was deeply impressed by what we are doing. 

We will talk about everything in more detail at the annual meeting on February 25. 

Speaking of the annual meeting, Florence proposed that the annual (and amazing!) Black History Month Luncheon should take place that day as well - what a thrill! So, mark your calendars for February 25 as a day not to be missed!

In other news, the nominating committee has wrapped up its work. (Heartfelt thanks to the other members of the committee–Vonnie, Rosemary, Florence and Nina.) We will have an 8-member vestry in the new term, as allowed by the bylaws, with Debbie Beebe stepping into the Senior Warden position, Lillian Luksemberg and Shaun Hardy running for full 3-year terms, and Vanvisa Sivali serving the remaining two years of her second consecutive 3-year term. JasCiel will remain as Junior Warden, and Ray Batistelli, Liz Cocke and Becky Parks will remain on the vestry, as planned. Peter Beyer, Florence Walters, Nina Scott and I will all step down. 

If you would like to run for vestry, it’s not too late—just let us know by Jan 25. We would love to have you! 

That’s all for now. Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh!

With love and blessings,


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