Toward establishing a stable, sustainable financial future & w0rship committee update

•    The vestry held a financial mini-retreat on Sunday April 7 with Canon Andrew Walter (Canon to the Ordinary and Chief Operating Officer of the Diocese) to review our finances and to consider various possibilities which amounted to a very constructive exercise overall. The Vestry will have further discussions at its next meeting April 17. This retreat is not to be confused with the audit that was done last year which showed that our accounting practices are excellent and our books are in order and enabled us to move forward with our interim process! Many thanks to our Finance Committee and Kirk Franklin for all their hard work and dedication!

•    In his address to the Diocese Convention in January, Canon Andrew Walter listed options for churches with a small financial cushion and large debt to move forward. One of these options (which he also described at our financial retreat) is to turn unused space into a healthy source of revenue through leasing. Toward that end in February he provided us with the name of a commercial realtor with whom the Diocese has had great success. Mary Davies, MiCP, visited our campus to assess our space and was very encouraging in terms of the market potential. She has since worked with us to determine the market rate for leasing our unused space and has provided up-to-date leasing agreements (approved by the Diocese) for our use. She also was present when a small group of us (JasCiel, Linda, Shaun, Liz and myself) met with representatives from a School which is actively seeking a new home. Mary is a valuable partner in this process and sees great potential for significant income in this endeavor.

•    The Worship Committee met on Wednesday April 11 to organize upcoming worship services. The head of the committee is our Deacon Linda and the other members include Anna, George (our organist and choirmaster), Ray (our Virtual Verger for the 9 am Zoom service with Transfiguration) and myself. Anyone is welcome to join and Anna has provided many ways to communicate with the group. While it appeared effortless, the job of organizing Holy Week was monumental and we are very blessed and thankful for this group. In the absence of a rector they have stepped up to assume the role of worship ministry and have done a fantastic job. Linda has worked particularly hard to provide supply clergy so that we are able to partake in the Holy Eucharist that is fundamental to our faith. Allelujah!!

A reflection on the Sabbath, the day of rest:

“In my faith experience as a Jew, the celebration of Shabbat or Sabbath is a weekly renewal of my commitment to understanding how humanity can meaningfully partner with God in acts of creation, connection, and healing. In a world burdened with conflict, violence, and injustice, Shabbat is a personal necessity, reminding me of humanity’s powerful capacity to create peace and intentional relationships with God and with our neighbors.” Nilaya Knafo

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