Making Space & celebrating a life - December 8, 2022

What a wonderful clean-up day! The church looks so much better, inside and out. I love thinking about making space for the Holy Spirit, as Mother Anna invited us to do. When I got home, I found myself doing some of the same here at the house—with a light heart. What a great way to prepare for the coming of Christ. 


I am so grateful to have been able to attend Luis Correa’s funeral on Tuesday. It was a lovely service, and I am even more aware of the loss to the community for him to be gone from us. Mother Anna and Bishop Marianne had strong and beautiful words of comfort to offer. Several members of the vestry were also present, and the church was quite full. 


Vestry meets next Wednesday. Rosemary, Anna and I (“the Annas” or “Anna2” as some have said) will be meeting this evening to prepare. Lynn continues to gather the many documents needed for the financial review. 


Official thanks will be offered to Shaun, Ray, Vanvisa and JasCiel for the phenomenal stewardship campaign—but in the meantime, let me say a big THANK YOU for the powerful and prayerful experience that we got to have, together. 


The Holy Spirit is clearly at work.  

See you on Sunday! ¡Hasta el domingo!


Love, Anna and Rosemary

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