What a lovely Sunday!

What a lovely Sunday - ¡qué domingo agradable! It was truly a joy to have so many of Luis Correa’s family and friends with us on Sunday, and to see the hospitality we were able to offer them. Additionally, thank you for your participation in the thank-you card writing after church! It was fun and easy, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to receiving my personalized note from one of you! 

I also loved having the chance to sit with English and Spanish speakers alike and share in the luncheon after the service. Thank you to Luis’s family - muchísimas gracias - for their hospitality in providing such a bountiful reception to share. 

This coming Sunday, we are looking forward to having the Bishop at both of our services, both on Zoom or in person at 10:30! She’ll be meeting with the vestry after the 10:30 service as well. 

A few other important announcements -

  • So far, we have a total of 36 pledges and a total of $216,525.20 pledged. Thank you very, very much and give yourself a round of applause! We can be very proud of this. 
  • Check out the wonderful videos of Liz, Eric, Melissa and JasCiel on our website: https://www.gsecmd.org/good-shepherd-stewardship-campaign. I was deeply inspired by each one of these talks - and was moved to tears by several of them. 
  • If you haven’t pledged yet, know that this is approximately $28,000 less than was pledged last year - we can definitely use your help. 
  • Mark your calendars for December 31, when we’ll have a full Lessons and Carols service AND a celebratory coffee hour in honor of Lynn Hutcheson’s ministry and celebrating her next steps into retirement and grandmotherhood. 
  • Thank you to Debbie Beebe for her leadership in getting a temporary administrative assistant set up for us to take over for Lynn! We are working with Flex Professionals, a wonderful temp company that came with high recommendations. We have someone starting on Jan. 2 - more details to be shared soon.

That’s all for now. Many blessings and much love to all of you! 

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