How Good Shepherd got started

At Good Shepherd Sunday we were reminded of our beginnings in 1957 when 16 people showed up to a meeting at Grace Episcopal Church having seen a sign on the University Boulevard property that invited any Episcopalians who wished to be part of a new mission. Their first Morning Prayer was celebrated by 50 people at Northwood High School (recently built) with Reverend Robb, a Deacon, as their celebrant. The name “Chapel of the Good Shepherd” was chosen in November of the same year, a building was built and we were officially a mission. We come from a long history of mission-focused people who are simultaneously followers and sheep of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and shepherds who proclaim His Gospel in the community. We are carrying on that tradition and are very faithful to our mission.


We are a people who hear the Good Shepherd's voice.

We know by faith that we belong to God.

We are called to seek and love our neighbors as God loves us!


The Tending Our Soil Team celebrated Good Shepherd Sunday too! We hosted the two other teams from our cohort (St. Timothy’s and St. Dunston’s) at the final meeting for the year and for the program as a whole. Ray Battistelli presented our case study which was our “Listening Project” which has proven to be so consequential for bringing our congregation together in a meaningful way. Contact the Tending our Soil team if you're interested in the case study. Our work in the Diocesan project has ended but our work in the congregation is just beginning. In subsequent News I will relay our past work and our future plans!!


Engaged listening is such a sacred thing, and the Spirit works through that so often. 

-Theologian Randy Woolley


last week's parking lot food drive had

lots of visitors and donations!!




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