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There are fewer more effective ways to improve the lives of others than to get state officials to implement policies that upgrade the living conditions for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Over the past year, Action in Montgomery, a coalition of over 30 churches and 7 tenant organizations in our county has documented the health hazards of in-home air pollution borne by low-income residents.  Of those households tested, 38% exceeded the EPA standard for nitrogen dioxide in the course of routine cooking. 

However, relief for this and other problems of sub-standard housing is within reach – if we act! 

  • The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) will receive $137 million early next year in first-phase funding from the federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed by congress in 2022. 
  • At the same time, Maryland legislators will consider the Maryland EmPOWER legislation, a law which will generate an additional $350 million in funding for improvements to low-income housing. 

This funding represents an unprecedented – and rare – opportunity to uplift low-income residents.

On Tuesday evening, December 5th, church-based organizations from around the state will be meeting with Paul Pinsky, the Maryland Energy Administrator, Senator Brian Feldman (Montgomery), Chair of the Maryland Senate Education, Energy and Environment Committee, and other state legislators and officials to request that:

  1. All of the IRA funding received by MEA be used to provide rebates to low/moderate income households and since 1 in 3 Marylanders live in multi-family housing that at least 30% of these funds be allocated for multi-family units.
  2. MEA funding be specifically targeted for Marylanders living in unhealthy conditions and that a holistic approach be used to provide truly healthy homes to these families.
  3. The EmPOWER legislation currently under consideration, (promotes building upgrades, high-efficiency appliances, green energy jobs, and the elimination of subsidies for fossil fuels) be passed by the Maryland legislature.

To support this effort, please consider attending the statewide action (outlined below) at Good Hope United Methodist Church.  We need to “fill the house” in order to show our public officials there is a groundswell of support for our low income neighbors.

December Statewide Action on

Health, Housing and Climate

Tuesday, Dec. 5th

December Statewide Action on Health, Housing and Climate

Tuesday Dec. 5, 7-8:30pm

Location: Good Hope United Methodist Church

14680 Good Hope Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20905

*Parking is limited. We recommend carpooling, if possible

Learn more here:


Your attendance at this meeting is important because in it, we are attempting to re-direct the policy priorities of Montgomery County and the State of Maryland.  We are doing what Bishop Mariann recently called in a letter to our vestry, “courageous discipleship.”  In the words of theologian William Herzog II, it is an effort to “fashion a village more aligned with the values and practices of the reign of God.”

Please Sign up and let us know that you will be attending and if you need a ride.

Thanks very much for considering attending

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