Drive Up Food Collection

June 19, 2021 at 11:00 AM
Recurs every Saturday


Contact-less collection of food takes place in the parking lot. Special request for May 15 food collection for Luther Rice - When we delivered our staples the third Saturday of April, the coordinator of their grocery distribution program had a special request for our May 15 food collection. These are items that are much in demand by some of their clients:

  1. Masa is CORN FLOUR, NOT corn meal. It is the main ingredient of tortillas, pupusas, tamales, and other foods popular among Mexican and Salvadoran clients in particular. One brand described online as ideal is masa brosa (lower case). It is reasonably priced and can be found in specialized sections of Giant and in Latino markets. It might well be available in other supermarkets, as well. Just ask.

  2. Cooking oil in plastic bottles.

  3. Shelf-stable milk in quart containers. Lynn found a brand called parmalat in the baking section of Giant. There are other brands. (Note: This is the form of milk most frequently purchased in many countries because it does not need to be refrigerated prior to being opened.)

  4. Pasta sauce IN CANS or plastic jars (not glass). Hunt's pasta sauce in cans is easily found. Don't know about plastic jars.

Have fun shopping! Of course, if you have already purchased other staples, bring them along, as well. Thank you. See you on Saturday.

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