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 We are the Church of the Good Shepherd - named after Christ, the shepherd and guardian of all. He knows his sheep, calling us all by name, and doesn't rest until He gathers all lost sheep to him.

We live up to our name by watching out for and taking care of one another in gladness and in trouble.

When asked to describe our parish, the words people most often use are warm, friendly, hospitable, inclusive, and unpretentious. And let's not forget fun. We know how to have a good time together, from coffee hours and potlucks to our Pentecost picnic and our annual retreat at Shrine Mont in the Shenandoah Valley.

It is the spiritual dimension, however, that draws our members and keeps them coming. In Good Shepherd we find food for spiritual growth and renewal, through the liturgy and the sacraments, and an opportunity to be with God in the presence of others.

Good Shepherd offers a spiritual home - a faith community where you can worship, serve others, and grow in the knowledge and love of God.

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Updated: Mar 30, 2017