Tending Our Soil

We are delighted to share that Good Shepherd Episcopal Church was selected to be among the first twelve congregations in the Diocese of Washington to participate in the Tending Our Soil, a thriving congregations initiative that hopes to transform our congregation into greater vitality. 


The Tending Our Soil thriving congregations initiative seeks to cultivate the soil of our congregation so that God’s love might grow more fully right here, right now within our congregation and in our neighborhood. 


The initiative is based on the belief that thriving congregations recognize their changing social and cultural contexts, exhibit clarity of values and mission, and cultivate Christian practices. 


Over a three year period our entire congregation, led by a team of 4 lay members and our deaon will (1) listen to God, one another, and our neighbors; (2) reconnect to God’s dream for our congregation; (3) discern new or refreshed ministries; (4) cultivate leadership and resources needed for those ministries; and finally (5) celebrate learnings and successes.  Our hope is that this initiative will strengthen our capacity to bear God’s love in the world.