Spring Plant Sale Catalog

Hey Everyone,

Here is this year's Vegetable Plant list  We will have all of the plants at church on May 5th after the 8:30 & 10:30 AM services ready to be adopted on a first come first served basis.  We are inviting everyone to make a donation (starting at $1.00 per plant) to Good Shepherd!  100% of your donations will go to our church!!!

Happy Gardening!

Allen & Shaun

Plant Catalogue 2019


  • Andiamo Hybrid Tomato
  • Artisan Bumble Bee Purple Tomato
  • Artisan Tiger Blush Tomato
  • Bell Rosa Hybrid Tomato
  • Brown Berry Tomato
  • Camaro Hybrid Vffa Tomato
  • Chocolate Pear Tomato
  • Egg Yolk Tomato
  • Midnight Snack Hybrid Tomato
  • Patio Plum Tomato
  • Purple Russian Tomato
  • Red Robin Tomato
  • Sugary Hybrid Tomato
  • Summerlast Hybrid Tomato
  • Wherokowhai Tomato (aka Luck Cross Dwarf Tomato)


  • Numex Easter Pepper
  • Medusa Pepper
  • Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper
  • Sweetie Pie Hybrid Bell Pepper
  • Pretty N Sweet Hybrid Ornamental Pepper
  • Sweet Pickle Pepper
  • Liberty Belle Hybrid Pepper


  • Fairy Tale Hybrid Eggplant
  • Patio Baby Hybrid Eggplant


  • Summer Dance Hybrid Cucumber
  • Early Fortune Cucumber
  • Bush Crop Cucumber
  • Mini Munch Cucumber


  • Emerald Delight Summer Squash

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