What Our Parents Say

Comments from parents about Good Shepherd Episcopal Preschool:

"What I like most about the program is the teachers, the teachers, the teachers!  A nurturing and loving environment.  The program is unbelievably creative."

"The differences among the children are embraced.  Each of our children was accepted and loved regardless of the many challenges each presents.  We as parents have grown tremendously thanks to the tireless efforts of the committed staff."

"The teachers are genuinely happy and enthusiastic to be with us and our children.  They are never too busy to respond to our ongoing needs."

"Good Shepherd is our choice, and that of many other families we know, because of the personal and loving care that the teachers give to every child.  [They] infuse the environment with a nurturing, comforting atmosphere that makes children thrive and grow, and that is not something that can be measured our bought."

"Emphasis is on play--letting them be kids and explore the world at their pace."

"Truly play-based and my child trived in this environment.  So much learning happened and she didn't even realize it."

"At Good Shepherd, individuality is encouraged."

"There are no frills. [Program] is entirely based on the children; what is the best way to teach them the fundamentals of being a good person and laying the ground work for future learning."

"I like the small classes, informal atmosphere, and friendliness of the teachers.  Clearly they know children."

"I've now had 3 kids at GSEP and we love it!  The environment is nurturing and laid-back, which is a great start to life!  You just can't find this level of nurturing and interaction in other area preschools."

"My son and daughter learned about sharing, cleaning up, making friends and kindness, which is exactly what a preschool should be teaching.  The staff are patient, loving and kind with the children (and the parents).  They let the children learn about themselves and their world without lecturing of badgering. ... The kids know they are loved and when they know that, they blossom even more."

"GSEP's size is the main factor that allows it to be the exact program I loved for 6+ years.  The teachers are also one-of-a-kind and couldn't have been more perfect for my child's needs."

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