Our Preschool Program


The Good Shepherd Episcopal Preschool offers a warm, caring, and safe environment that promotes positive attitudes toward learning and healthy social development.  The school takes pride in successfully stimulating and motivating the preschool child.


The philosophy is Learning Through Play.  Play is the child's work, and it provides children with the skiils they need as future learners.


The curriculum allows children to creatively discover many avenues in which they can express themselves.  Subjects range from art, literature, drama, music and movement to science, health, and math.  These are all presented through activities which are appropriate for the developmental level of the children, and which lay the foundation for math and reading.  We are a part of the Good Shepherd Church community.  Our classes incorporate celebration of religious holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah.  The children meet occasionally for age-appropriate ecumenical discussion led by Good Shepherd's priest (on such subjects as kindness and thankfulness).  Additionally, the children sing a blessing before lunch.


The facility consists of two classrooms, a large indoor recess room, and an outdoor playground.   The staff is comprised of two teachers in the large classroom every day, and a teacher with an assistant in the small classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The teachers for the Tuesday and Thursday classes in the small classrooms are assisted by parents on a rotating basis.


Parent Co-op Two year old and Young Three-Year-Old Class:   Tuesday + Thursday, 9:00-12:30

Eight children, one teacher, and one helping parent.  Children in this class are generally two and young three-year olds.  Parents can choose co-op or co-op option. Children do not need to be potty trained.

Three-Year-Old Class:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00-12:30

Eight children and two teachers.  Children must be three to start in the class.  Children who will be four before December 31 are generally placed in the four-year-old class. Children do not need to be potty trained.

Four-Year-Old Class:  

Choice of

  • Tuesday + Thursday, 9:00-12:30
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00-12:30
  • Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-12:30
  • Monday through Friday, 9:00-12:30

Sixteen children and two teachers. Children should be four or turning four by December 31.  Children should be potty trained.


Extra curricular activities include holiday parties and programs, field trips, and special guests.  Year-end activities include a school-wide picnic and a promotion program.

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