Shepherd's Table Volunteers
Good Shepherd has had a close connection with Shepherd’s Table for many years. A team of volunteers sets up for and serves the evening meal on the first Friday of every month. Part of the donations to the weekly Globe Collection goes to Shepherd’s Table and helps to buy food for the daily meal.  Shepherd’s Table opened their doors in 1983 and has NEVER missed a day of service since opening.
In January, Shepherd’s Table will move into a new, larger facility, Progress Place. Not only will meal service increase from 9 to 19 meals every week, but the capacity of the dining hall will increase as well. Currently, the Good Shepherd volunteer team has 5 people on the serving line. In the new facility, we will need 8 people. The success of Shepherd’s Table depends directly on the volunteers who work there. Here are some FAQs about what Good Shepherd volunteers do on our first Friday evening.
What could I do, I don’t cook? This isn’t a problem. The Shepherd’s Table chef does the food preparation. The closest volunteers get to cooking is dishing up prepared salad into individual serving dishes.
What is involved in serving the food? Health regulations do not permit clients at Shepherd’s Table to serve themselves so volunteers on the serving line prepare the plates and give them to clients as they pass through the line. A typical meal will have a meat entrée, a side dish like potatoes, rice, or pasta, and two vegetables. Additionally, there will be an assortment of breads and desserts.
Do I need to have any special clothing or equipment? No. Aprons and disposable gloves are provided.
What is the time commitment? Good Shepherd serves the meal once a month on the first Friday of the month. Between 4 and 6 p.m. we set up the dining hall and serving lines. This entails wiping down the tables and distributing condiments (hot sauce, salt, pepper) and wrapped tableware among the tables. Sometimes we need to wrap tableware (fork and spoon) to ensure we have an adequate supply for the evening. From 6 to 7:30 p.m. we serve the meal. Clean up begins at 7:30 p.m. and general takes about 30 minutes.
What if I can’t stay for the whole time? That is not a problem. Only a few volunteers are needed to set up for the meal so some volunteers arrive around 5:45 p.m. and work through the time the meal is being served.
Are volunteers safe? Yes! In addition to staff members who are present during the evening meal, a Montgomery County police officer is present during the meal. Disturbances are extremely rare and dealt with promptly.
Where is Shepherd’s Table located? Shepherd’s Table is located in downtown Silver Spring: 8210 Dixon Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
How can I volunteer? Contact Us and give us your name and how to contact you.
Updated: Nov 7, 2016