Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

818 University Boulevard West • Silver Spring, MD, 20901
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Our Mission
We, the people of Good Shepherd, are committed to growing in the Christian faith and participating actively in the continuing story of the people of God, the essence of which is recorded in Holy Scripture.

We believe the mission of our Church is to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and to follow the example of the Good Shepherd by:

Witnessing to the eternal love that God has for all people, regardless of age, gender, or race;
Loving, Caring For, and Encouraging each other with our hearts, words, and actions by living out the truth of the gospel;

Responding to God's grace with love, respect, compassion, and help to the needs of others in our local community and around the world;

Celebrating the gifts that God has given us in our work and play together, as we seek to fulfill God's purpose for us as individuals and as a Christian community;

Working, Worshiping, Praying, and Studying to strengthen our church and its members so that we may fulfill our mission.